Campground Chat – March 2014

Financial Report—$1,511.12

This long, drawn out winter should be coming to an end soon. A new camping season sure sounds appealing!!

We are embarking on a brand new camping season. We hope to make it a fun-filled year. After the really bad Winter we are sure everyone is looking forward to camping.

The Winter get-together was great. The roads were drifted and blowing snow, we still had about 30 campers attending. Everyone had a good time visiting with each other.

The water will be on depending on the weather conditions. The Winter just doesn’t want to let go this year. We will notify you when it is able to be turned on.

Ken and Sue’s dinner is scheduled for April 12. ( See Ken’s Corner link ) Due to scheduling there are some changes (just for April). We plan to resume normal schedules after April. We will plan the camper meeting for 4:00 P.M. on the 19th of April and Bingo at 7:00 P.M.

Since the Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for 2:00 there had to be some time changes. The camper meeting should not be very long since we are just starting up. Some plans for May should be topic of discussion and this has pretty much been set at the camper meeting at the end of last season. So there should just be some highlights and short discussions.

April 26– Camper Welcome Back Dinner: 5:00 P.M., at the clubhouse. Will be a carry-in. We will serve Bar-B-Q chicken sandwiches from KFC. Bring a covered dish to share and your drink and visit with friends.

Our Mother’s Day Dinner will be celebrated on May 03, 5:00 P.M.. This will allow families to spend the actual Holiday with their family. Bring a covered dish and your drink and enjoy a good meal and good company. Hot Ham and Swedish Meat Balls will be served as the meat dishes.

We hope this will be a great year with great activities for young and old. Please come to the camper meetings and air your ideas for events, that is where most of the fun ideas come from. The campers are the ones that make the new things happen. So share your ideas so we can make some new things happen.

We have tags, with your names on them, for the boat trailers. Ken wanted those so that if we need to contact the owners we would know who owned them. If you do not have a tag yet please see Allen, Lot #67 so we can get one to you. The key to the lot is in the building, where the lawn mowers are kept. Please sign out when you take the key and cross your name off the list when you return the key. This is an attempt to keep your property safe and secure.

We read the electric meters every few months during the Summer and early Spring. Some of the meters are congested with debris around them. It is very hard to get to the meters with all this debris and dangerous, as someone could be hurt. Please make sure the way is clear. It makes it easier and less change of us tripping and getting hurt. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

The April Calendar and other information is found on the Lotus Cove Website.

We have great events coming up in May. It will be Memorial Day month. We have a band for that week-end. A Mother’s Day carry in and the annual boat float. There will, more than likely be a poker run. Sounds like a fun and busy beginning. Come help us plan and celebrate.

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