Campground Chat – April 2014

Financial Report—$ 1,104.19

April camper’s meeting was held April 19th this month only, because of scheduling issues.

The Easter Egg Hunt went very well. We had plenty of egg hunters. Kara Mays won basket one, Jenna Mays won basket two, Reese Mummy won basket three and Blake Potts won both stuffed bunnies. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all participants. Much fun was had by all the youngsters and seems, the oldsters as well.

A huge “Thank you” to Kathy Cotrell for organizing and stuffing eggs with goodies. Thank you to Linda McKenna and Glen Ryan for helping to hide the eggs. A huge “Thank You” to Diane and Tom Jung for getting the Easter Bunny there on time. Thank you to Dave Holsapple for giving the Easter Bunny a ride around the campground. Thank you to Nancy Rose for tracking the names of the winners.

Fred Vagedes donated a big bag of home grown popcorn. It is very tasty. Thank you Fred

This is one great group of campers at Lotus Cove.

Jim Cull gave the financial report of $1,104.19. The meeting was very well attended with about 20 campers.

There was a short discussion about the “welcome back camper dinner”. It will be April 26 at the clubhouse at 5:00 P.M. KFC bar-b-q chicken, chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes will be served. Bring a covered dish and your choice of drink and enjoy the great company.

May 3 will be the Mother’s Day carry in. We will serve hot ham and Swedish meatballs. Bring a coverd dish and your favorite drink. For the new campers-we celebrate a week before the holiday so campers can spend the actual holiday with their family. Campers decided to do a raffle. There will be a basket and a gift card from the IGA.

May 10 Campers Meeting at 2:00. Come help us plan great events for fun. This is where a lot of great ideas for activities come from. Come on up and throw in your ideas. It is where the schedule of events and the way we use campground funds are decided. It is your campground and you are welcome to have a say on what happens.

May 17: Free

There was a discussion about Memorial Day week-end. It was decided at the October meeting to hire the band. It is Kickin Country Band. They are very good. They will perform at the band stand on the 24th from 7:30 until 11:30.

May 25 There will be a poker run at 1:00. Sign up will be 12:00 at lot #69, Jim and Barb Wentworth will be in charge. For the new campers-We do this on golf carts. Each person, not cart, gets a sheet with a map. You go to stations and there will be someone there to initial your paper. You then proceed to the next station. When you have all the initials you need you return to lot 69 to draw 5 cards. High hand wins. There is a $2.00 charge for each participant. The collection is split in half and one half goes to activity fund and the other half is split among 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. If you don’t have a golf cart-hitch a ride with someone else. It is great fun so come join the fun.

Also on May 25, Sunday, will be the boat float. For new campers- we make a boat out of bio-degradable material, such as tree bark, etc. We place a candle on the boat and launch it to honor our military members and veterans. It is really a beautiful and touching ceremony. We will do a 50/50 that week-end and the drawing will be at 8:00 P.M. before the ceremony begins. We will conduct the ceremony beginning about 8:`15 on lots 48 and 49. Keith, Wendy, Skip and Sue have agreed to let us use their lots. We plan to have a bugle performance by Steve Stewart, he does an excellent job. We plan to recognize current and military veterans. Dave and Denise Huffman have kindly agreed to do the service. This year we plan to launch the boats from a pontoon out in the lake. We hope this will be better, as the wind usually gives a problem getting them out. Come participate, make a boat if you wish, and enjoy a beautiful evening.

There is a calendar of events on the web site and printed calendars in the clubhouse. There is an information board at the southwest end of the campground, by the back of the Oak Tree. It has a newsletter and calendar posted on it.

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