Queen of Hearts

May 30, 2020 Drawing

Cards available.

1 14 27 40
2 15 28 41
3 16 29 42
4 17 30 43
5 18 31 44
6 19 32 45
7 20 33 46
21 34 47
9 22 35 48
10 23 36 49
11 24 37 50
12 25 38 51
13 26 39 52

Card Number played in previous drawing / Face value of card

8 / 4 clubs

Drawing every week at 6PM Saturday
Raffle tickets are $4.00 per ticket. No limit on how many tickets one can buy.
Tickets will be put in a basket from which the drawing takes place.
After each drawing all tickets are emptied from the basket and destroyed.
When buying a raffle ticket the purchaser shall list a number from the above list
and add his or name to the ticket,
The winning ticket shall be drawn from the basket and the listed card shall be turned
over replacing the number.
Prizes money shall be based on the card under thee number drawn.
Cards 2 thru 10: $5.00
Picture Cards other than the queen of hearts; $20
An Ace: $35
Queen of hearts: all remaining money in the pool.
When the Queen of Hearts is the card picked the game is over.
Purchasing a ticket can be done by sending an email with your name and card number chosen
to ken@hegemanns.com Your account will be charged for the number of tickets purchased.
Your name must be on the account for you to purchase a ticket.
The cost of the prize money not covered by the purchased tickets shall be the obligation of
the campers’ activity fund. The pool money shall start at $100.00(from activity fund).
No individual shall profit from the operation of the game. The activity fund shall be reimbursed
their $100 after the pool amounts to $300.
Tickets purchased will be put in paper form for the drawing. All tickets need to be purchased by
5PM of the day of the drawing. to be included in that week’s drawing. Late purchased tickets
will be included in the next week’s drawing

Cards numbers drawn so far for this game: 8, 4Clubs

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