June 18, 2018 Update.

The winners of the combined Mothers Day and Fathers Day raffles of last weekend are:  Leon Mertz C12) romantic evening basket, Ron Woehrmyer (C105) Spa basket, Lance (C145) eagle photo,  pocket tools and cleaning cloths, John Sherard (C79) fishing pole reel with associated gear.

As a result of the campers’ meeting held last Saturday, items have been added to the July, September and October calendar.  Please check the website for details.  Joe and Marsha  Schirtzinger have been the keepers of the calendar for many years.  They have performed this function well and we thank them for this service.  In the future Tom Jung and Tom Hoying will be responsible for the calendar.  You can call Tom Jung at 937 726 6081.   Tom Hoying can be reached at 419 303 2317.   Joe and Marsha ask that you do not call them to obtain information about the calendar.

Dog registration forms are being submitted at a very slow pace.  If you want to have your dog camping with you, you need to register your dog by June 30th.  After June 30th  we will require that all dogs camping at Lotus Cove be registered.

As most campers are aware, the Lotus Cove campers have an activity fund which is used to fund various activities during the camping season.   For each camping season an optional charge of $20 for this activity fund is included in your invoice.  Campground management contributes $500 to the fund each year.  Another source  of income for the fund are the raffles that are held at various times as well as individual donations above the $20 optional contribution.  Jim Cull (C1) is the custodian of the fund.    Jim usually gives a report at the campers’ meeting listing the fund’s income and expenditures.

Here is the report for the fund at this time.


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