Making for a Good Campground

As May comes to an end it is time to review what is expected of  our campers and what is provided for in our rules.

Here are items that need to be addressed:

Rule 22.   All hose connections  from the camping unit to the common supply fixture must be done with an NSF 61 approved RV hose.

Your campsite should now be in ship shape, since the spring clean up weekend is behind us.

Please check your sanitary sewer connection.  The water tight connection should be made with at least one flexible coupling so that any movement of the camping unit will not cause the connecting riser to crack or break which would allow storm water inflow into the sanitary system.

Rule 11,  ATV’s are not allowed in the campground.

Rule 20, All boats should now be removed from your campsite or campground storage area and placed in the water or removed from the campground.

Thanks for paying attention to the rules we live by.

Rule 7, Please also note that we have, after several dog incidents, revised our rules  regarding  the breed of dogs allowed in the campground and requiring dogs to be licensed and tagged with identification.


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