11March2021 Update

The weather has turned and the camping season is drawing near.  I wanted to send out some key pieces of information:

  1. Campgrounds: Will open on April 3rd (Saturday).  The plan is to turn the water on as well weather permitting.  If freezing temperatures are in the forecast, we will wait until the temperature is above freezing to prevent pipes from freezing.
  2. Site and Dock Invoices:  These are due on 15th-March.  Please do not utilize your campsite until your account is paid.
  3. Dock Licenses:  These have been filed for with the ODNR.  Distribution to dock renters will be via Tom Hoying.  I don’t know when we will receive from the state, but will advise.
  4. Activity Director:  When Covid Restrictions are lifted, we plan to have activities again and need someone to lead this effort.  Paul and Cindy Mays have offered to take this on.  More details later, but any ideas for activities are always welcome.
  5. Pet Approval.  There is a policy to have all pets registered with paper work showing an up to date Rabies Vaccine and an active Pet License Number.  Please see the forms section of the website and fill out the paperwork and return to Tom.
  6. Site Work and Improvement Projects:  Changes to sites need to have a plan approved before doing the work.  This requirement has not changed, but a new requirement will be in place for the 2021 season.  For the safety of kids, other campers, and the enjoyment of your camping neighbors,  please do not do work on the weekends that require heavy or loud equipment.  Concrete trucks, stone trucks, bobcats, and the like draw crowds and especially kids which can be unsafe.  Please do this work Monday through Friday mid-day.  If this can not be accomplished, please ask Tom to help in getting the area roped off.  Thank you in advance for your consideration on this issue.

There will be more to follow as we get closer to opening.  Stay safe and look forward to seeing all soon.

Tom and Mark

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