2021 Campground Opening

2021 Campers,

It looks like Mother Nature has two more speed bumps for us to go over on Thursday night with temperatures around 20 degrees F and Friday night down to 30 degrees F. The forecast after that looks good to open up the valves for water to the campgrounds. If nothing changes with the 10 day forecast, Tom plans to open the campgrounds by turning on the water Saturday 4/3/2021.

A couple of notes:

  1. If you have not paid your campsite dues for 2021, you will not be permitted to utilize your campsite unless specific arrangements have been agreed upon with management.
  2. The health department still has the same restrictions for common areas as last year (July 2020) in place. The clubhouse will remain closed until these restrictions are lifted. Please follow CDC guidelines for face masks and social distancing. We expect these to relax sometime soon. I hope sooner rather than later for all of your enjoyment.
  3. Please take a chance to look around your campsite and cleanup items both your belongings and natures branches, leaves, etc. Tom and I will walk around the campgrounds in early May to see how everything looks. Please remember the purpose. We want the campgrounds to look good for the enjoyment of all by keeping the standards up. I have asked Tom to continually look for ways to improve the atmosphere. This can only be accomplished with everyone’s effort and commitment to do so.
  4. All boats which are stored in the campgrounds shall be placed in the water or removed from the campground by the first Saturday in May. 

More updates to follow. I look forward to meeting all this summer and I hope all have a pleasant Easter.

Mark and Tom

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