Water Water

Yes, it is raining at Lotus Cove Campground and the lake level is up.   It was high yesterday and then it rained some more last night.  It is up another 4″ this morning.  Tom has checked all boats and their tieups so as to avoid dock or boat damage.   When the lake is rising and the boats are tied tight the dock can be pulled up with boat as the water gets higher.  Tom has made the rounds and has adjusted the ropes as needed.   I can’t remember ever having this much rain as we have had in the recent months.   I do know that the lake level has been higher than it is now.  The new spillway does allow the water to move on downstream faster.  Other than the high water things are ok in the campground.  This is not the time to sell your pontoon or boat, however;  Noah was thankful that he had his as it rained for forty days.   We may exceed the forty days, if we haven’t already.

An additional note.The annual chicken BBQ (known as Ken’s BBQ) has been scheduled for July 13th. at the club house.

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