UPDATE MAY 5, 2020

SATUS UPDATE RELATIVE TO VIRUS             May 5, 2020


The campground is open since we do not have transient campers.

The clubhouse, restrooms, bathhouse and play park for small children are closed.

Individuals must wear a face mask when being within six feet of another person.

This means that face mask are not required if you are more than six feet from another person.

The  wifi system is up and running.  We have had very little feedback from campers.

It was good to see campers enjoying the good weather during the week end.

As we move forward it would be nice if campers would just follow the campground rules.

Only one vehicle is permitted on each campsite.    Written permission is required for campsite modifications involving anything that occupies additional ground space.  There are high voltage electric lines in the campground that feed the service panels adjacent to the ground mounted transformers. These underground 7,200 volt lines extend from the service panel to a Pioneer Electric power pole.  The electric service pedestals at each campsite are connected to 240 volt underground wires.

  We just want you to be safe.

Enjoy and be safe.

Tom and Ken

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