Update, May 21, 2020

May 21, 2020

As we approach Memorial Day and start to see the end of some of the lockdowns, it is a good time to make sure we are where we should be relative to camping at Lotus Cove.  The following are some reminders and information:

The Lake level is at 5 inches above normal pool level.

The wifi access points are installed and appear to be working.   Memorial Day weekend will be a good test for the system.  It is noted that any wifi system can become overloaded, especially with all the streaming being done.   Our system can monitor the load devices are placing on the system. Last weekend we say 75 devices on the system at one time.  So far so good.

As of now boat dock decals have not arrived. The state offices that issue such things are closed.

The club house and the south bathhouse are closed at this time. Fresh popcorn will be available outside the clubhouse in prepackaged paper bags.

The play parks are open for all campers.

The six foot distancing provision is in effect.

Activities will be scheduled as we comply with corona virus guild lines.

The first Queen of Hearts drawing is 6PM Sunday May 24, 2020. More than one ticket can list a particular card number.

All campers should by now have had their spring cleanup work completed.

All golf carts should have had numbers installed on both sides.  The number should be the number of the campsite associated with the golf cart.

All boats and pontoon boats should be in the water or removed from their in campground storage by the end of May.

If you dog(s) is camping with you, make sure he/she is registered with Lotus Cove Campground and has the proper vaccinations and license.

As always have a good safe camping experience at Lotus Cove Campgrounds.

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