Update May 10, 2016

Just a few items to pass on to you.  A boat dock decal will not be sent to you for your boat dock this year.  The State of Ohio no longer requires a boat dock sticker.  They still charge a few for both sides of a dock.  This charge is included in the price that you pay for a boat dock.

You may have read about Flint Michigan’s water purity problem.  Flint has changed its source of ground water for its treatment plant.  As a result the treated water is contaminated with “lead”.  Lead in the water can come from lead being in the treated water before it leaves the treatment plant.  It can also be a result of the treated water in the distribution system being contaminated by  a reaction  between the water and lead in the pipes.  This can include the pipes in an owners home or other structure. Northview Utility(NV) is the water supplier for the Lotus Cove campground.  NV, as a requirement of the EPA, must test for lead every three years.  This test must include water that comes from a tap on a customers water system.  All test have shown that the NV water system does not contain lead.  Almost all of the NV system is of PVC plastic pipe which do not contain lead.   If you would like to see the NV water treatment plant just ask and you can see it in action.

Note that the next campers’ meeting is Saturday May 14, 2016

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