Rules Update and new Electric billing Method.

As a result of the additional campsites and the past references to the north woods, which is now campsites C101 thru C156 as well  as the prospects of the proposed hiking trail, an update, dated September 15, 2017, has been made.

A change to how we bill electric is also being made.  It appears that some campers do not understand how their electric bills are calculated.  In the past we have read the electric meters four times a year.  The first 100 kWh of each billing have been included in the annual camping fee.  At the same time we have charged $9.50 each time that the meter is read.  All kWh after the first 100 kWh have then been charged at $0.14 or 14 cents per kWh.

Starting with the next reading, the $9.50 charge will no longer be made. There  will be no additional charge for the first 100 kWh.  For the second 100 kWh a charge of $0.19 or 19 cents per kWh will be made.  All kWh after the first 200 kWh will be charged at $0.14 or 14 cents per kWh.   This should allow for everyone to see a simpler electric billing.  During periods of low usage the bill could be less than $9.50.


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