Late Freeze. Water will be shut off today Saturday 4/16. Please consider your campers as well.

Mother nature just will not give up. The temperature tonight is suppose to be below freezing from 2:30 AM to 8:00 AM with it dropping as low as 28/29 degrees. We can not risk the water lines freezing and cracking. The following things need to happen so Tom can re-winterize the lines:

  1. Please help and unhook your camper lines to the RV park lines at the faucet if you have attached this year.
  2. Consider your RV for the evening. You may want to keep some heat on for the evening.
  3. Tom will be shutting of the water today for the campgrounds. The time will depend on when he gets to each line. He will be at this most of the day so please don’t complain as neither he nor I want to do this work again, but we have no choice.
    Water will be shut-off sometime today (Sat 4/16).
    Again, sorry for the inconvenience but trying to let you know to avoid a trip if you plans were at the lake.
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