Lotus Cove Campgrounds
On Lake Loramie

Manager: Tom Hoying


                                                    Winter Shut Down

I hope you all had some nice times with family, friends and nature over the summer. We appreciate your business and hope to keep winning you back year over year. As the season closes, I want to address some season ending issues and reminders:

  1. Water Shutdown: We will take the water system out of service on Tuesday November 2, 2021, provided the weather cooperates. If a freeze is forecast before that date, then it will be necessary to do the task at an earlier date. We will advise if that becomes the case.
  2. Site Cleanup: Leaves will fall on your sites that will need to be addressed. Lotus Cove will clean up the common areas, but your help for your specific site is appreciated. If you would like Tom to help on this for a fee, please talk to him directly
  3. Winterization of Campers: This needs to be done to avoid water damage. Tom is willing to do this for a fee so just let him know. I also gave reference to two other people/companies that can do this as well.
  4. Don’t Let the Meter Run: Last year we did a meter read on Dec 31st before the transaction between my dad and I was complete for a final meter read. At that time, we identified 2 really high usage sites. Both of those sites had left space heaters on for nearly 2 months resulting in very high bills. Avoid this by making sure all of your items are off or unplugged. We will do a meter read in the middle of Nov to make sure no one is surprised in the spring when we do a normal billable read. If you have high usage from the last reading, you will be notified and perhaps billed if very high. The campgrounds get billed every month so off-season usage is financially carried by LCC (Lotus Cove Campground),
  5. Site Cleanup: Take a chance to clean things up this fall. In an effort to raise the bar for campground appeal, LCC plans to be critical on site maintenance and “junk” just laying around. I think a good cleanup will be beneficial to the majority. Please don’t be surprised and get ahead of the curve by doing some of this in the off season.

That’s it. Thanks again a look forward to 2022!!
Mark and Tom


I do not have an update from the latest activity meeting, but wanted to remind all of what I know is on the books:

Events for August…..
August 14th we plan on having the Lotus Cove mini golf open…we need volunteers to set up a holes at their site…if you are interested please get ahold of myself Scoot Mays lot 86 or Tom Hoying no later than 08/01/21…..there will be a total of 100.00 prize fee…50 for the winner and 50 for best course…….Cancelled due to a lack of volunteers/interest.

Aug 14th: Corn Hole Tournament at 1:00 by the clubhouse

sunday sept 5 ….Small Town Brothers(band) will be playing at the stage 6-10 pm…..

Labor day 50/50 will be drawn at 9:30 that evening as well….

Aug 21st  Mark will be hosting the chicken dinner at the clubhouse…Details Below:

2021 Ken’s BBQ Chicken Cookout

Event: Cookout with bbq chicken, corn on the cobb, and dishes from campers.

When: August 21 @ 5:30
Location: Clubhouse

Lotus Cove Campground will provide the BBQ Chicken. Campers Activity Fund the Corn on the Cobb. Various dishes of sides and desserts will be provided by the campers and brought to clubhouse. Drinks will be on the campers to supply for themselves

Sept 4 (Saturday) Golf Cart Parade

Sept 5 (Sunday) Live Music ….Small Town Brothers will be playing at the stage 6-10 pm. Labor day 50/50 will be drawn at 9:30 that evening at the stage

Sept 25th….Golf Cart Karaoke…7:00- 10:00…sing a song and get a ticket for a chance at 25.00 prize


There seems to be hope for normalcy on the horizon. The CDC just announced updated guidance for people who have been vaccinated which you very likely have heard about in the news. However, these CDC guidelines are made public and then state and local health departments put out their mandates/guidelines. As of today, the Ohio restrictions are in place. There has been an announcement that many of those restrictions will be lifted on June 02, 2021. I think it is safe to say that planning for events after that date can happen and we will keep our fingers crossed. The clubhouse will remain closed for use until the Ohio restrictions are relaxed.


Mark and Tom

Dock Renters,

We have received the dock licenses for your docks and matching stickers for your boat. Please see Tom Hoying to pick these up when you have the chance. Please have your boat/trailers removed from the campsite by the first Saturday of May.

Thanks Tom and Mark

2021 Campers,

It looks like Mother Nature has two more speed bumps for us to go over on Thursday night with temperatures around 20 degrees F and Friday night down to 30 degrees F. The forecast after that looks good to open up the valves for water to the campgrounds. If nothing changes with the 10 day forecast, Tom plans to open the campgrounds by turning on the water Saturday 4/3/2021.

A couple of notes:

  1. If you have not paid your campsite dues for 2021, you will not be permitted to utilize your campsite unless specific arrangements have been agreed upon with management.
  2. The health department still has the same restrictions for common areas as last year (July 2020) in place. The clubhouse will remain closed until these restrictions are lifted. Please follow CDC guidelines for face masks and social distancing. We expect these to relax sometime soon. I hope sooner rather than later for all of your enjoyment.
  3. Please take a chance to look around your campsite and cleanup items both your belongings and natures branches, leaves, etc. Tom and I will walk around the campgrounds in early May to see how everything looks. Please remember the purpose. We want the campgrounds to look good for the enjoyment of all by keeping the standards up. I have asked Tom to continually look for ways to improve the atmosphere. This can only be accomplished with everyone’s effort and commitment to do so.
  4. All boats which are stored in the campgrounds shall be placed in the water or removed from the campground by the first Saturday in May. 

More updates to follow. I look forward to meeting all this summer and I hope all have a pleasant Easter.

Mark and Tom

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