Camping Fees

Several campers have inquired about adjustments that might be made to the camping fees. We have decided that it is proper to make some adjustments.

This is what we will do. We will make an adjustment based on 214 day camping season. This adjustment will be applied to the annual camping fee less the $60.00 discounts allowed. For each day that the campground remains closed the camping fee will be reduced by 1/214 of the fee. This amounts to approximately 1/2% per day. We will not make an adjustment on boat dock fees, unless the State of Ohio adjusts their dock fees that Lotus Cove pays.

Will count the days and then make a credit to your account. We do not intend to send out checks, but will apply the rebates to future camping fees.

Management is aware that there are fixed costs that can not be avoided even though the campground is closed. We will weather the storm and hope for the best.

Take care and stay healthy as you follow the guidelines.


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