Campfire Chat – November 2014

Financial Report— $1,611.10

Camper’s Meeting:  Appreciation was given for all the great help and participation through the camping season.

The final discussion about the Halloween Party.

Allen noted the loss of one of our campers, Cora Freisthler.  Our sympathy to her family.

Allen told the campers that he would try to wait until the end of October to turn off the water, depending on the weather.

The Winter get-together was voted for January at the Oak Tree.

It was decided that we would not do an Easter Egg Hunt next year since it comes so early.  Also, Ken advised that was the same Saturday being considered for their Spring Dinner.

Campers voted to bring back the Kwikfire Band for the 4th of July and Labor Day week-end.  The bands have to be booked a year prior to insure the availability.

The schedule was made for April 2015.  Camper Meeting and Bingo for April 11 and campground Welcome Back Dinner for April 25.

Ken was then given the floor.  He gave quite a bit of information on the history behind the campground and surrounding area.  He gave an explanation of the reasons for his decision to keep the standing the same as they were.  He explained why he did not see reason to change the operation of the campground.  Ken gave campers some insight to plans to extend the campground and all the red tape he was dealing with. Ken was very informative and we all appreciate him taking time for that.  Thank you Ken.

During October campers presented Tom Jung with the banner that was voted on in September Camper Meeting.  We all enjoyed a very good breakfast.  As most of you know, Tom has helped make improvements to accommodate campers  and contributions to the campground.  He furnished his time and equipment to do so.  Campers decided to show appreciation by doing this.

The Halloween Party was very good.  The hayride had to be cancelled because of rain.  There were many games to enjoy.  Thank you to Kathee Cotrelll for running those games.  Maude and Claude also made an appearance.  Baby Ugly got pretty when she grew up and doesn’t hang around the area any more.  There were lots of great costumes and decorated pumpkins.  The judges had a very hard time picking winners.  Thank you to Tim and Paula Huddleston for performing that difficult task.  Under prettiest 1st place-Olivia Green, 2nd-Taylor Brandt, 3rd-Grace Mays.  Ugliest:  1st-Mike Brandt, 2nd-Angie Westergedes, 3rd-Brenda Brandt.  Most Original- 1st.- Tom Jung, 2nd-Pete Mays, 3rd-Reece Mummy.

Pumpkin Decorating:  Youth:  1st.-Lexi Marsh, 2nd-Levi Green, 3rd-Colton Bradley.   Adults:  1st-Lindsey Jung, 2nd-Rachel Mummy, 3rd-Billy Frey.

Taylor Brandt and Lexi Marsh won the dance contest for the youth.  Tom and Diana Jung won for the adults.

Guess the beans was won by Luke Green.

Everyone seemed to have a good time.  They enjoyed pizza and several varieties of desserts.

The end of year drawing was won by Joe and Lisa Lewber.  Thank you Reece Mummy for drawing that lucky ticket.

It has been a great year.  We have really enjoyed presenting all the activities.  We appreciate the great help and participation that made it so good.  We hope all of you enjoyed them as well. We extend a special thank you to those campers that did above and beyond to help us so much.  You are a great group of campers.  Thank you so much.

Have a great Winter and hope to see you January 2015 at the Winter get-together.

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