Aug 20th. Mtg. & Other News

The first item of business at the campers’ meeting was the financial report. The balance in the Activity Fund on July 9, 2016 was $1,174.93.

July expenses: DJ services $150, Corn for chicken BBQ $99.07, Game day supplies $153.81 for a total of $402.88.

July Income: Bingo $30.00,Game Day $109 for a total of $139.00.  Balance on Aug 20th. $911.05

Under old business was the voting relative to the question of a pool table in the club house. The vote was in favor of a pool table, therefore this item can move forward.  We need one more volunteer to act as one of the four custodians of the pool table.

Management ask that campers do not enter the construction area with golf carts or other vehicles during the construction period.  It is just unsafe with all the work items being done.  In addition, Tom and Ken have placed over 300 stakes in the woods for the contractors and perspective campers.  It was a lot of work and we do not want to repeat it.  We hope you understand.  After the work is complete access to the trail will be available.

Please see the calendar for September 2016.  Before September on August 27th. Tim Brandt will be showing a movie in the Club House at 7:00 pm. Other items in September will be a campers garage sale on Sept. 3rd from 9:00am to 3:00pm.  It is requested that all items be cleaned up after the sale.  On the evening of Sept. 3rd. the Jimmy Drywall & the Lose Screws will appear on stage from 8:00pm to midnight.  Pete and Mary will again be selling 50/50 tickets on Friday and Saturday.  The winner will be announced  during the band’s performance.

Bingo on the 10th and a campers meeting at 2:00pm on the tenth is also scheduled as well as a movie on the 17th. of September.

Thank You,  Tom and Claudette



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