Camp Update

As you may know Allen and Wanda Huddleston have resigned as campground managers. Allen’s health is such that is makes it very difficult for him to continue. Allen has been manager since mid-2011 and we wish him improved health and hope that without the stress of the manager’s position he can get well.

The manager’s position will be filled by Tom Hoying. You may know Tom as the owner and operator of the Oak Tree restaurant. We ask that you continue to volunteer, be helpful and understanding as we move forward from this point. You can contact Tom at the above listed phones and e-mail. Of course you can always contact Ken at the above listings as well.

Joe and Maria Schirtzing have agreed to be the keepers of the calendar and the July calendar will be available on the website.

Jim Cull will continue as the treasurer of the campers’ activity fund.

We sure hope that the rainy season is behind us and that we can finally recover from the flood waters. Many campers have taken the opportunity to make improvements to their campsite. We are appreciative of this work. We continue to work and repair boat docks. We have repaired roadways with an application of aggregate. Several trees have been removed.

We also have noted that the campgrounds has become a meeting place for young children and young adults from the surrounding area as well as from outside of the immediate area. This has been especially true in the club house area. We have taken the following action in this regards. We have had a discussion with Mr. Lenhart, the sheriff of Shelby County. We now have posted signs at the club house area that the campgrounds, the patio and the club house are for campers only. We have also changed the locking system on the club house. For the new code please call Tom or Ken. Please punch in the code and then the tru-bolt key to gain access. When leaving the club house just push tru-bolt. Please do not give this code to others. Also we have e-mailed or mailed the code to campers.

Please note events on the calendar as shown on the website. On July 10, 17, 24 and 31 will be Texas Hold-Em at 7:30 PM. Campers’ meeting is Sat. July 11 at 2:00 PM. On July 25th will be Fun and Games and a cake walk. Cakes can be donated for this event.

Have a good day!

– Tom and Ken

A message from Ken and Sue Hegemann

To: Our wonderful Lotus Cove Campers

From time to time it has been necessary to make changes in so far as how the campgrounds is managed and operated. This is one of those times. Unfortunately Allen and Wanda Huddleston, due to Allen’s health, will, as of July 6, 2015 retire as campground managers. Allen and Wanda have been our managers since mid-2011 and we hate to see them retire and at the same time we have all been aware of Allen’s health situation. It is important that Allen get well and this can better happen when he does not have the added stress of managing the campgrounds. We wish Allen and Wanda the best and hope that they remain in the campgrounds as long as they care to be.

The manager’s position is not a full time job, yet it is an important job that requires close attention to the campers and the campgrounds. We have asked Mr. Tom Hoying to be our campgrounds manager, beginning on July 6, 2015. Tom as you probably know is also the owner operator of the Oak Tree restaurant and as such is in a position to be attentive to the campgrounds. This will break with a tradition of having one our campers taking over as manager. We ask that you continue to volunteer, be helpful and understanding as we move forward from this point.

If you have any questions or have suggestions at this time please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail.

Thank you for camping at Lotus Cove.

Ken Hegemann and Sue Hegemann

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